National Geographic Magazine - Feb'18 Issue


The story is basically about The Visualized World, i.e. that our

society is now living in an atmosphere where everyone is

watching, and being watched, all the time, by entities both

private and public. There are more than 1.8 billion photos

uploaded by people around the world per day. In London,

there's something like 1 closed circuit camera for every 8-10

people, the highest concentration per capita of any city in the

world. In San Francisco, the tech entity Planet Labs has

developed satellite technology that will, by summer's end, be

able to take an image of every square inch of the planet,

EVERY DAY. Some of this technology keeps us safe and aids

in humanitarian efforts. Some of it is invasive and pernicious.

We're not going to sort out whether this is a good thing or a bad

thing; it's the world we live in. Still, there's no question that there

are incalculable psycho-social implications to living in a world

where we all know we're being watched, and are always

watching.—R. Draper

Single-copy Feb'18


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