National Geographic History - Nortre Dame (May/Jun'17 Issue)


This issue features: 

18 The Hieroglyphics Puzzle
Centuries of dogged, scholarly efforts to crack the hieroglyphic code saved the meanings once locked inside Egypt’s sacred script.

30 Agatha Christie in Mesopotamia
A sojourn to the Middle East changed the crime writer’s life, leading to a lifelong love affair with archaeology and an archaeologist, Max Mallowan.

42 The Truth About Archimedes
Colorful writings paint the ancient Greek inventor as a brilliant scientist with a knack for being at the center of a good story

52 The Roman Underground
Miles of catacombs covered in vivid wall a monuments to early Christianity in the Roman Empire

66 The Testimony of Notre-Dame
Through massive walls, soaring arches, and leering gargoyles this Gothic masterpiece tells the story of Franc

80 Amerigo Vespucci
Vespucci transfixed 16th-century Europe with true (and not-so-true) tales of a new continent.

Single Copy - Nat Geo History - Notre Dame (May/Jun'17)

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