Secret Antarctica and The Crisis on the Ice


The story explores:

  • NEWS HOOK: The Larsen C Ice Shelf on the edge of West Antarctica is anticipated to break

    off as its crack lengthens every day.

  • NEVER BEFORE DONE: Years in the making, one of the first underwater expeditions to

    Antarctica of its kind gains unprecedented access to the rarely-seen sea life flourishing under

    the ice by going deeper than anyone has ever gone before.

  • Scientists on Antarctica’s icy surface are tracking the continent’s meltdown, which could raise

    sea levels dramatically by 2100 and cause a global crisis.

  • Video & graphic illustrating the melting of Antarctica

  • Rare photos of life beneath Antarctica

  • Interviews with photographer Laurent Ballesta


    Flight School: High speed photos capture the stunning intricacies of hummingbird movement

    The story includes:

  • STUNNING VISUALS: An unprecedented look at hummingbirds from high-speed

    cameras that slow down these majestic birds in time to reveal the secrets of their


  • Exclusive video and digital interactive featuring footage of an Anna’s hummingbird

  • Stunning high-resolution photos of hummingbirds

  • Behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the video and photography for this piece

  • Interviews w/ photographer Anand Varma


The Last Honey Hunter

  • HIGH STAKES: Only one man from Nepal’s Kulung culture can harvest the honey guarded by the world’s largest honeybees, and he may be the last.

  • Hallucinogenic, black market honey from eastern Nepal is an economic staple for the Kulung culture; it sells for rougly six times the price of regular Nepali honey.

  • AN INCREDIBLE FEAT: Mauli, the last honey hunter, climbs cliffs to harvest honey using woven bamboo ropes or no gear at all as bees sting all over his body.

  • As tourism gradually builds in this region, the Kulung culture and the boundaries that once defined it are beginning to fade away.

    • Video by photographer Renan Ozturk as he dangles from a cliff to see a honey hunter harvesting rare honey

    • Incredible photos of this dangerous tradition

    • Interviews w/ author Mark Synnott and photographer Renan Ozturk

      Enter a Futuristic Stadium

    • TIMELY: Ahead of this month’s FIFA Confederations Cup and next year’s World Cup 2018, we asked Populous, an architecture firm that designs stadiums around the world, to envision the stadium of the future. The result is stunning.

    • The feature includes a timeline and history of stadiums beginning with the the stadium at Olympia from the fth century B.C. to FishtStadium in Sochi, Russia, built to host the 2014 Winter Olympics and redesigned for next year’s World Cup.



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