The Science of Addiction

- TIMELY: September is National Recovery Month. 

CHALLENGES TYPICAL CONVICTIONS: Scientist are challenging the view that addiction is a moral failing and are researching treatments that could offer an exit from the cycle of desire, bingeing and withdrawal that traps tens of millions of people. 

- THE LATEST RESEARCH: Advances in neuroscience are allowing scientists to develop a detailed picture of how addiction disrupts pathways and processes that underlie desire, habit formation, pleasure learning, emotional regulation and cognition in the brain. 



- Interview with author Fran Smith and a number of featured scientists, researchers and former addicts. 

- graphic illustrating how craving and pleasure affect the brain's reward system and how addiction occurs within. 



Side Topic Covered 


A Tiny Country Feeds the World 

- SMALL BUY MIGHTY: The Dutch, the second-largest global exporter of food by dollar value after the US, have become world leaders in agricultural innovation, pioneering new paths to fight hunger and changing the way we farm, with only a fraction of the land available to other countries. 


- SILICON VALLEY OF THE FOOD SYSTEM: Farms in Holland are using the world's most efficient agricultural innovations on a large scale and developing technology to maximise production, including climate-controlled farms, greenhouses that yield much more produce than outdoor acres and with much less chemicals, hydroponic farming, utilising drones to assess crop conditions, and more. 

Single Copy - NGM Sept'17


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