With more than 125 years of history, National Geographic Magazine focuses on core topics such as science and innovation, adventure and exploration, global issue, culture and the natural world.



National Geographic

Main Magazine

12 Issues per Annual Subscription


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National Geographic History Magazine



6 Issues per Annual Subscription

The National Geographic Special Issue has a title that says it all. Each issue revolves around a thought-provoking theme, with intricate research that forms the basis of the articles about the subject matter at hand.

National Geographic Special Issue Magazine

12 Issues per Annual Subscription


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Bloomberg Businessweek



50 Weekly Issues per Annual Subscription

National Geographic Little Kids Magazine

This was designed with your toddler in mind. It allows for reading at a comfortable pace and will capture your child's attention with adorable pictures. 


6 Issues per Annual Subscription


Print Only

Forbe Asia Sinagpore

Forbes Asia

 (Print + Digital) 


11 Issues per Annual Subscription

National Geograpic Kid

National Geographic Kids Magazine



10 Issues per Annual Subscription


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Publications are thoughtfully selected to ensure that we cater to your needs. Whether you are a nature-lover, adventure-seeker, parent, educator or child, MAGEZ Classic’s selection will ensure that you would be in for a treat of knowledge!

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